Men at Work

Nothing really beats a film about some good old fashion rock rolling. As four men drive home after a failed skiing trip, they make a quick toilet stop along the way. This is where they discover the rock – a lanky bolder sitting on the edge of a cliff just waiting to be pushed over and sent down the hundreds of kilometres of mountain into a lake. But this particular rock just doesn’t want to budge. Apparently people have been trying to move it for years. But male pride prevents the team from giving up. This is a film about male bonding, and male ego, as the four are put to a series of physical and psychological tests as they try and send the rock flying. More and more cars pull up full of additional male arrogance, shovels and chain saws are obtained, even a donkey steps up to the challenge – but the bastard just won’t budge. I really enjoyed this film. Starting off as a human interest drama, as soon as the rock appears, classic comedy moments surface. This is a movie that I can really relate to. Right throughout the film I was honestly thinking – now, how would I move this rock? I’m not quite sure what it is about a rock sitting on the top of a hill, but for some reason it seems like human instinct to want to push it down. The only negative thing I have to say about this film was the subtitles. They were incredibly hard to read. But apart from that, this was a great film! Very simple – the look of the film was very rough, and gritty, as was the soundtrack, but it was a film about men trying to get a rock to roll so it was very appropriate. A masterpiece of Iran cinema!

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