So after what can only be described as a bizarre few weeks since the reading – the boys and I are back in the saddle and working our little asses off as per usual, and on a saturday no less.

Anyway today Chris and I met up for what can only be described as a frustrating yet kinda fun afternoon. So often when things get hard you forget why you enter into something like film making because it gets so freakin hard your head wants to explode.

And then you have days like today.

What was supposed to be a day of Chris and I working on a bunch of different things, but in particular marketing, turned into a day where people popped their head in and provided us with a bit of perspective on what is really important in this biz.

To begin with our film making buddy and Chris and my all round favourite person, Julia, dropped in to visit unexpectedly for a chat. After chatting about lots of filmy things Julia made our afternoon by baking us some scones and making us a pot of Madagascar Vanilla tea.

And so our marketing meeting with my housemate Nathan began……..over a pot of tea and some pretty freakin delicious scones (see below.) We spoke with Nath (he’s doing his masters in advertising/marketing) about the best way to market Shotgun, and the sorts of things that we should start to look at in getting the film even more out there than we already have. We spoke a lot about social media as that is definitely where Nath’s expertise lies, however the chat kept getting interrupted as Nathan kept having to look out the front window every time a car stopped outside our house.

You see earlier in the morning Nathan and I had run into a rather awkward situation where a shop keep from the local suit store began to ask us questions about our “friendship.” This was followed shortly after by him asking Nath for his details on a scrap bit of paper so that he could put Nathan down for their VIP club. In a spur of the moment decision Nath had decided to hand over his details at the prospect of getting a few hundred bucks off a rather expensive suit and so here we were, attempting to have a meeting with Nathan who was paranoid that the creepy suit guy was gonna show up on our doorstep.

Eventually though, one of those cars that stopped happened to be another surprise visit, this time from my lovely girlfriend Hannah who had brought with her some LateNite Films mascots in the form of two wee little goldfish. The goldfish were named (Cornelius and Tim – it was supposed to be Neil and Tim after the Finn Brothers but according to Nath, Neil changed his name from Cornelius so Hannah insisted we stick with that) and the day finished with everyone feeling pretty freakin good about life.

The road may be long and I may get pissed off more and more at many different things (I have a tiny little fuse) along the way but as long as I can keep everything in perspective then I think we’re gonna be alright.

……….and fuck it – if worst comes to worse at least I have some goldfish!

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