Manufacturing Dissent: Michael Moore and the Media

Documentary filmmakers Debbie Melnyck and Rick Caine set out to make a relatively simple and straightforward documentary about their hero Michael Moore, but as they start filming and putting together the film, they soon discover that the Mr Moore isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Just like Moore’s own film, Roger & Me, this film sees the filmmakers chasing an ever elusive interview with the man himself, facing obstacles and bulky body guards, as well as uncovering hidden and damning truths from opponents, collaborators and even friends. It’s really great to see someone has taken all of Moore’s tricks and methods, and then applied them to Moore himself. It’s also great to see that someone is challenging Moore and the way he makes films in a very intelligent and appropriate manner. This is a really clever concept, which is executed perfectly. It has some really great interviews with people that love and hate Moore, and challenges everything Moore has to say, and has said in the past. Although I wouldn’t say this film is unbiased – I’m sure the filmmakers got pretty pissed off with Mr Moore when he wouldn’t give them a proper sit down interview – it seems to simply give you the facts, and let you as the audience decide whether Moore is a goodie or a baddie. But really, who knows what was left on the cutting room floor…

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