Lovestruck: Wrestling’s No.1 Fan

This is a fascinating documentary about Sue, a woman who has devoted her whole life and energy to professional wrestling. Her house is covered in wresting photos and memorabilia; she has hundreds of hours of wresting footage on tape, and has travelled to the USA on several occasions just to see wrestling. What makes this film so captivating is that Sue is genuinely a really unique and completely wrestling obsessed person! Wrestling is what she lives for. Spaning over ten years, this film gives a great insight into Sue’s world and her travels. But it also explores Sue’s personal life, which adds to the emotion of the film. The editing of this film is fantastic, mixing interviews, with video diaries, archive footage and plenty of wrestling shots. I’m really impressed that so many hours of film can be compressed into such a well rounded 52 minute film. Overall, a great documentary!

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