This is a marvellous short film about two ladies, who live in the small country town of Katoomba, and both want to get out and travel the world. Everything looks as if it’s going to plan until one of the girl’s falls quickly and deeply in love with a new man to the town. This newly formed relationship essentially destroys the tight bond between the girls. The acting and casting for this short film is perfect – both lead ladies are such lovable and real characters. The supporting cast is also spot on, and adds such a great degree of realism to the film. The locations are beautiful. The cinematography is superb, although I think there may have been something wrong with the projection as the whole film appeared to be slightly soft in focus. It looks like it was shot and projected on film, despite the fact that the images looked as if they had very little resolution. Regardless, the film was so good that any technical glitches didn’t matter in the slightest. The musical score was suburb and really added to the mood of the film. This is a film essentially about friendship, about how a friendship can suddenly end, and about growing up. This is one of my favourable short films, simply because it’s so beautiful to watch thanks to a fantastic location and a fantastic cast.