In The Pit

This is a documentary that follows a colourful construction crew over two years as they work on Mexico City’s Periferico Freeway, in an effort to cope with the ever expanding traffic. It shows the struggles and daily travails of building a freeway without the machinery expected in modern day construction. It has some fantastic tales and viewpoints from some very unique and out of the ordinary workers. Although it offers a great insight into these peoples world, you have to be really awake and concentrating to appreciate this film. Unfortunately I watched it when I was tired, and almost fell asleep in a few places. Not because it was boring, quite the opposite! It’s truly fascinating hearing these people’s views and beliefs. But if you’re not in the right frame of mind, the film can easily wash over you, as it’s not overly action packed – although there are several moments of excitement. This film makes you laugh, makes you think and appreciate the little things in life. After watching this film, you’ll find it hard to abuse the so-called “lazy” road workers in the future! It has some fantastic helicopter shots, and some lovely time lapse photography. I think I really need to watch this film again to really appreciate all it has to offer. But my general opinion is: it’s a great film.

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