How Is Your Fish Today?

This is a very strange and unconventional film about a screenwriter who is trying to write a screenplay about a young man who is on the run after he murdered his lover. The film constantly switches between fantasy and reality, as we move from the screenwriters world into the world of his character. The journey the screenwriter designs for his character, inspires him to take the same voyage himself. The film is narrated right throughout the whole movie by the screenwriter, which helps seamlessly blend the two worlds together. This is a very odd movie. At times it’s very hard to work out what it’s all about. However, due to the complex nature of the film, it’s quite an interesting watch. Some of the locations are very beautiful – featuring vast snowy mountains. This film almost feels like a strange dream. It just floats around, with no strict story or structure. It feels as if the director is making it up as he goes along. Although some sections of the film were a tad uninteresting – most of the film was enjoyable and entertaining. It had a lot of film and television references and jokes in it, which is always interesting. Overall, a very strange film – but worth watching!

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