This is a really fantastic and insightful documentary about the Danish filmmaker Nicholas Winding Refn’s struggle to pay off his debts after the box-office flop of his latest film, Fear X, despite the fact that his debut film, Pusher, was a huge success. He decides the only way to get out of debt is to make some more movies, and starts work on Pusher II and III. I guess the reason I loved this film so much is because I really admire people who attempt to make movies. It’s a constant uphill battle. I can personally relate to a lot of what Nicholas was going through, especially the writer’s block and cleaning up the house, only so you don’t have to think about the movie you’re supposed to be writing! Technically speaking, this movie was nothing special – it had very generic documentary qualities. However, the content was fantastic and truly interesting. It’s kind of sad, but human beings seem to get a kick out of watching other people hit rock bottom. I just loved the determination and nativity of the people in this film. For a person studying film and television – this is a great educational documentary to watch.

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