Frozen City

This is a depressing film about an affable man, who is left to look after his three young children, as well as trying to keep up his demanding taxi driving work, when his wife runs off with another man for several months. When she returns, he is kicked out of his home as the couple fight for the terms of the children’s living arrangements. When an insane neighbour kills his daughter’s new pet, the man, who is hopelessly drunk at the time, unintentionally kills the neighbour in a fit of rage. Sent to jail, the film then explores the relationship between the now divorced husband and wife. Although I quite liked this movie, with its bleak locations, and convincing characters, its not easy viewing, as this poor mans life just falls apart in front of your eyes. You really feel for him as the director just continually picks him up and drops him. This film is very real, and very painful, but well worth watching. At the end though, you just feel sad and depressed.