Forever Never Anywhere

This film has a very strange beginning in retrospect. It opens with a comedy performer getting lost in the backstage maze of corridors, as he tries to find the stage door. I have absolutely no idea what relevance this has to anything. The comedian eventually finds the stage, and performs his work to a very unsatisfied crowd. After his show he tries to chat up a young women at the bar – but is quickly rejected. On his drive home, he drives past her, and tries again – but still no dice. In frustration he starts masturbating, and runs off the road. His car is stuck in a ditch, so he gets a ride off two men, who are on their way home from a bar opening. As they drive along, the driver doesn’t see the same women running in the middle of the road until the last minute, quickly turns and runs off the road, and down through the forest. The car gets jammed between two trees. No one is hurt – but they’re stuck. The windows are bullet proof, so they can’t smash them. This is a hilarious film about three men, stuck in a car. After several days with no help in sight, a young boy discovers them – but instead of helping, he treats them as a science experiment. Despite the fact that it’s a fairly unbelievable concept, it’s surprisingly realistic, and incredibly funny. Trapped together, they are forced to share unwanted intimacies, and do some pretty disgusting things just to survive. I really enjoyed this movie. It was fairly simple (most of it was filmed in a stationary car), but incredibly effective. The only complaint I have, is that the ending was slightly sudden – with no real resolution. However, it didn’t really matter. This was a really simple idea, shot incredibly well with a great cast, and fantastic script fully of genuinely funny moments.