Forbidden Lie$

This is probably on of the greatest documentaries I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. What’s even better is that it’s Australian! It’s the story of Norma Khouri, the author of a best-selling book, Forbidden Love. After the book sold millions right around the globe, and Norma achieved fame and fortune, people started to do a bit of research, and came to the conclusion that the book was fiction – not fact as originally thought. As the filmmaker digs deeper, Norma isn’t the Jordanian virgin on the run from Islamic extremists, she makes out to be. She under investigation from the FBI, has a husband with supposed connections to the mafia, three children, and a whole lot of lies relating to her book. This film is really exciting. It starts off all “Norma is a hero”. It builds her up as some kind of angel. But then, all of a sudden, it shows another side of the story. Her opposition are given room to argue. It’s soon shown that not much in her book is truthful. In fact, a lot of the so-called facts are blatant lies. The filmmaker then goes on a journey to try and uncover the truth. They travel to Jordon with Norma, in an attempt to clear her name, but just end up digging up more dirt. This is a really entertaining documentary, with tremendous production values. Visually, the film is pristine, with great interview backdrops, and vivid locations. The audio design is fantastic, with appropriate music, crystal clear interviews, and some killer and appropriate sound effects. The graphics are very nice – I really love the “smoking title card”; the text looks fantastic. I also feel the filmmakers made a very honest film. They showed all sides and angles of the story, and basically let the audience decide what’s what. I can’t fault this film – it’s absolutely perfect!

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