Finding Global Perspective as a Filmmaker

Last April I flew from Rio (where my TOPtoTOP footage will be shown at the Rio20+ World Earth Summit) – to Sao Paulo to meet, film & play with World X Cycle. It was an amazing weekend.

I flew back to Melbourne (with all my C02 emissions being offset by MyClimate) and finalised post for my short TOPtoTOP doco on Saint Helena Island, before I started preparing for the next major project in Sri Lanka. We just finished filming last week – here’s a sneak peak:

Documentary content is important. The process of making, creating & sharing doc is changing.

I used to struggle to explain the style & intention for my documentary content. The easiest way was to call it “Commercial”.  Then, I heard Director Danny Boyle in the podcast of “127 hours – behind the scenes” say: “…CINEMA IS ABOUT MOMENTUM > emotion, continual change… that compelling momentum of film… that is why I’ve always believed that the purest of film, is actually, an action film…”

That’s it – capturing compelling moments which engage the audience & foster change > enrich perspective, inspire ambition, or simply encourage compassion towards causes, people or events being documented. Action is fun. It’s adventure. It’s inspiring to watch, and it stimulates our drive & energy to achieve our sense of purpose.

Plus it’s fun to edit.

It’s so exciting knowing I’m alongside so many amazing projects on the forefront of branded content & documentary creation, but being there means we have to be prepared to take the most risks. Creating independent, important branded content.

Personally, I want my films to be free & online.

I want to bridge the gap between creativity & commerce. I don’t believe in traditional advertising but am passionate about storytelling & artists collaborating within corporate organisations. I whole-heartedly believe that some of the most creative & adventurous people are the CEOs and business leaders. In my last 3 documentaries I have witnessed young, successful working professionals step outside their office & comfort zone to achieve the seemingly impossible. It’s inspiring.

I am moving to Singapore. I want to live in a multi-cultural society which doesn’t even see itself as multi-cultural, but has evolved naturally into a global community. Between the 7 people I travelled with recently to Sri Lanka, we collectively spoke 18 different languages.

Through my years of travelling, filming and meeting the worlds community – I’m finding our global perspective and sharing it – or perhaps even taking part in building it.

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