Everything’s Gone Green

I actually stumbled into this film by accident, as the many days of movie watching finally took a toll on my brain and logical thinking. However, it was a great mistake to make as Everything’s Gone Green is a really good film. This is a very Garden State-like film about a guy called Ryan. In one unfortunate day, he is dumped by his girlfriend, kicked out of his house, fired from his job, told his family has won the lottery, and then finds out it’s a mistake. Nothing seems to be going right for the poor man. Things start to look up when, by chance he meets a beautiful film set-dresser named Ming, at the site of a dead whale on a beach. But, as fate would have it, Ming is already dating a shady entrepreneur named Bryce. Things start to look up for young Ryan when he finds himself a job at the National Lottery Corporation, and his brother hooks him up with a fantastic apartment. When Bryce proposes a bizarre money-laundering scheme, Ryan ignores his ethics, signs up and is on the fast track to wealth. After all, everyone is doing something dodgy to make a living! Even his apparently innocent parents are selling dope to make a lot of cash quickly. This is a very light hearted comical critique of our notions of corruption and success. It has some pure gold moments in it. The cast is fantastic – there is some great chemistry between Ryan and Ming, as well as an interesting four way relationship when you include Bryce and Ming’s traditionally Chinese mother. Ryan’s best friend, parents, brother, and boss are also fantastic characters that really make this film stand out. It’s very quirky, with some funny yet eccentric moments thrown in for good measure.

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