Don’t worry… We’re not dead! Just busy!

Apologies for keeping you all out of the loop last month. It was certainly never my intention – we’ve just been flat out as always! However, those that have been following us on twitter at least know we’re alive, as we’ve been regularly posting cool things we come across.

I’m going to make this brief – as we’ve got lots happening at the moment. Here’s what’s been going on:

1. We are still busily working with the team at Pocket Bonfire productions on their exciting Hippo film. Nothing major to report as of yet, apart from the fact that not only are we handling the hippo, but we’re also in the process of putting together their new website. Busy! Busy! As always, if you’re interested in helping out on this one, please let us know! We’re still on the look out for animatronics gurus and puppet makers who are interested in bringing a hippo to life!

Doritos Competition

2. We recently threw together a last minute entry for the Dortios Competition. You can check it out here. OK, so it’s hardly a masterpiece, but considering how quickly we put it together from concept to upload, we think we did pretty well!

3. Nick has moved to Sydney temporarily. We’ll be setting up a new blog for him and his adventures shortly. Stay tuned!

4. We are in the process of doing the sound design for several MAFMAD entries.

5. We are currently working with a Melbourne-based director/producer team on two exciting online web show series. More details to follow.

6. As always we have a lot of cool film ideas in development – both short films and feature length productions. A few of them are really starting to take shape, so we may have some more projects in the pre-production stages shortly.

7. The SAKOOZ website is STILL under construction. No idea when we’re going to get it up and running. Hopefully soon!

8. We are going to be releasing Happy Sundaes and Superb Menura online for FREE shortly! Stay tuned!

Plus lots more…!

So as you can see, things are happening. We also have three blog entries sitting in the Draft folder just waiting to be finished – all of them discussing new technology, Avid vs FCP, etc. There’s just not enough time these days!

As always, thanks for reading, and for keeping an eye out on what we’re up to.

See you in the soup!

Best Regards, Chris!