Detour De France

This is a fascinating documentary about a group of journalists who have travelled to France, to cover and report on the 2005 Tour de France cycling race. Offering a very uniquely Australian perspective into the massive sporting event, this film has some great interviews with all kinds of people involved in the event, from cyclists, to commentators, the public, celebrities, and even bus drivers. You are really taken on a journey with the four large larrikins, as they drink a lot of beer, and make full use of their press passes, interviewing everyone and anyone. Although this film is extremely entertaining, you almost feel embarrassed watching it, as the four are hardly the most appropriate Australian ambassadors (getting pissed all the time, and generally making a lot of noise). Never-the-less, it’s clear that they love the event and the lifestyle lived whilst the race takes place. They add a bit of extra, well lets be honest, actually quite a lot of extra life to the whole event. Technically, this film isn’t anything special with some really poor audio quality in places and some dodgy looking computer graphics. The musical score is also very amateur, although it suited the feel of the film. This film was much like a low-budget surfing movie. However, it makes you laugh, and at places almost makes you cry, and is a really enjoyable ride. Not really high class entertainment, but well worth a look.

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