This is a fantastic Australian film narrated by a teenager who tells a story from the past, about his neighbours – a similarly aged boy, with a Bogan father and a sexy mother that everyone wants to sleep with (especially the narrator himself). Told from the perspective of the narrator, this is a story of a confused boy, surrounded by sex and drugs, with no love in sight. The parents are always having sex (in easy hearing distance of their unfortunate child), and are constantly throwing huge parties, with all their Bogan friends. Things turn nasty with the cops turn up to one of the usual afternoon drinks, and the boy greets the cops with a crossbow. The acting in this film is superb, but what’s even more impressive is the narration. The film is gritty in style, with a very real suburban feel. You never quite know where the film is heading, or whether it going to end up happy or sad – it’s unpredictable and very well written. It’s a very cleaver concept that is executed perfectly.

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