Chris featured on Kaltura Developers Site!

Kaltura has just released it’s brand new Developers Community website, and I’ve actually been fortunate enough to feature in the developers spotlight! Below is a quick little video of all the people featured in the developers spotlight (powered by the Kaltura player) – you’ll have to skip forward a couple of people to see me…

For those that don’t know, Kaltura has developed the first open source video platform for video management, creation, interaction and collaboration. Kaltura’s platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate advanced interactive rich-media functionalities, such as searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing of video, audio, and photo files. The platform also includes unique collaboration functionalities that allow groups of users to create together, and enables publishers to access and syndicate reusable content across the Kaltura Network of content and to enjoy aggregated hosted video services such as video advertising, professional editing, and DVD printing. Kaltura’s free open source code is available for web developers in the form of an extensive Software Development Kit, and as self-serve packages for publishers in the form of automatic extensions and plugins for leading content management, blogging and collaboration platforms such as WordPress, and MediaWiki.

We have been working with Kaltura to develop a site that allows you to cut together your very own version of the SAKOOZ trailer. Unfortunately this is still very much a work in progress – but we hope to have this online sometime soon. Once we’ve nailed down the SAKOOZ trailer, we may even allow users to remix some of our other projects, such as Happy Sundaes and Superb Menura – so stay tuned!

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