Set mainly in a single location, Bug is an American horror/thriller essentially about two people who believe bugs are invading their home and their bodies. An exceptionally strange, yet pleasant man is brought along to a woman’s hotel room, and despite all odds, the two quickly become friends. Basically, the woman is lonely, and this man actually listens to her and talks to her as a normal human being. The man obviously has a few loose screws, and convinces the lady of all kinds of weird and absolutely crazy things – mainly revolving around information transmitting bugs. This is a seriously strange movie. It builds up as this very scary and ghastly horror film, but ends up being more silly and funny than anything else. It does have some very gory and gruesome movements, but even they are so over-the-top, that you can’t help but laugh. The film introduces several characters into the story – the girls best friend, and ex-husband, however they really only play minor roles. This is mainly a film about a guy and a girl, and one insane person can make another sane person crazy! The cinematography and set design is fantastic! Despite the fact that there was really only one location, it was never visually boring – in fact it was the polar opposite. Towards the end of the film, when everyone was pretty much raving mad, the whole hotel suite was covered in aluminium foil – which looked absolutely magnificent! The sound design was also noteworthy – surround sound was used to great effect. It was an entertaining film I must admit – it was never dull or boring – however, it was just a little too weird and over-the-top. I was expecting this very serious, very dark and very scary film, and instead I got this strangely humorous and very sick thing instead. The female lead was acted very well, despite the eccentric script. I honestly don’t know what to make of this film. I don’t exactly know what it was trying to be. It certainly wasn’t a horror film in the traditional sense. And it wasn’t an all-out comedy by any stretch of the imagination. I really like the concept – your brain convincing you that bugs are everywhere – however, this film was just a little too odd for me. Never-the-less, it kept you interested, and will no doubt be a good discussion point once the film festival is over.

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