This is a really simple and slow movie that shows the lives of two small town workers at the local doll factory. It shows Martha, a middle aged woman, and Kyle, a young man, going about their mundane day to day lives as they exchange their thoughts, dreams and experiences over bad coffee and cheap fast food. Things change when a new and attractive woman called Rose starts work at the factory. Kyle is instantly attracted to her as she brings with her a change to his dull daily routine. Martha on the other hand, although she’s quite friendly towards the new kid on the block, knows that Rose possess the potential to destroy her perfectly organised world of small actions and repetitive complacency. When Rose is discovered murdered, the movie changes into more of a detective story, although the pace and style doesn’t change. The weird love triangle between the three main characters, offers some dark humour, but apart from that, it’s basically a snail-paced film that tells the story of bored and humdrum individuals.