Boxing Day

This is a very simple film about a person living alone on home detention (after obviously coming out of jail recently), preparing for a Christmas lunch for his teenage niece, sister in law accompanied by her latest boyfriend. But things quickly turn sour when an old friend reveals a disturbing truth about the new boyfriend. The whole film has been designed to look as if it’s done in a single steady cam take, which gives you a very painstaking detailed view of every single thing that happens in the story. It’s made to look as if it’s playing out in real time – and it works. The start seems a tad slow – as we watch Chris, the main character prepare, but things quickly speed up as the other characters are introduced. When the truth about the new boyfriend is reveal tension soon hits an all time high. At first I thought the acting was pretty average – the dialogue seemed very unnatural. However, I soon came to the realisation that in this situation, this is how these people would have really talked. The sound design was pretty average – it felt as if a whole lot of stock standard “outdoor sounds” were playing in repeat mode. The cinematography was basic – yet impressive, if only because it was using natural lighting, and yet you never saw a stray boom or crew shadow. This film was pretty good. It had its slow moments, but the drama and the tension at the end made up for it. It’s a very emotional film – I really fell for the characters. But it wasn’t a masterpiece.

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