August 2010 Reel

LateNite Films Reel 2010

We have decided to put our latest August 2010 Reel online for everybody to see! Normally, we only share the reel with potential clients and friends via DVDs, but this time round, we’re going the polar opposite and are releasing it for all to see on YouTube.

The reel was cut together by our very own Jacqui Hocking, and features footage from a range of our previous productions – from Happy Sundaes to Superb Menura, SAKOOZ to SHOTGUN!, the TOPtoTOP documentary to some of the 3D work we’ve done. It really showcases the mix of productions we work on!

The soundtrack was provided to us by the AMAZINGLY talented Lovers Electric. If you have never heard of them, we highly recommend you take a look at their website and have a listen. They are currently working on a new album, which should be out very soon.

We hope you enjoy the reel – and please, leave any comments, suggestions, etc. on our YouTube page! We can’t wait to hear what you think…

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