There’s no turning back now!

As I sit in the dark of my room, I am suddenly hit with a certain reality – this once small little script read, now turned LateNite Films event, is really about to happen. A rush of excitement, anxiety, relief, nervousness, confidence and gratitude washes through my veins & my blood. As I sit in the dark of my room, I prepare for our one & only rehearsal tomorrow, plotting various warm ups, some improvised exercises & of course, the read itself. But it is not the directing side of this shin-diggity-do that is likely to cause any sort of anxiety. No, that should be fine. Who couldn’t direct 16 actors, right?

The reality of my soul being on show to around about 40 people in the attendance and the millions watching at home on television (if ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeell…. what the so-on & so forth is something) is starting to claw itself in and around my self-conscious. But putting my ego to one side, we must push on. Because there ain’t no turning back now. It’s ALL ABOARD the SHOTGUN! train.

All I can be certain of is this; that all of you watching, wherever that may be, however that may be (you can watch it on your iPhone if you don’t have a computer handy! Just download the “USTREAM Viewer” app & search for LateNite Films), that you are going to help me to make this the best damn film it can be!! Be constructive in your feedback & suggestion, but don’t censor yourself. If you think you’ve got a great idea after the read-through, fill out our little survey & tell me! I want to start a dialogue with whoever is out there paying attention – because that’s one fatal flaw in Australian filmmaking at the moment – these filmmakers are, for the most part, making films for themselves… Not for YOU, the people who pay the stupid money for the ticket (or the high-speed internet connection). So, if I can put my ego to one side…. Hold on.

“Why heeellllloooo, AL… And how are we feeling today?”
“Yeah, about that. I’m gonna need you to just check yourself into a nice hotel for the next few days.”
“A hooooteeelllll? Why on earth would I want to do thaaaat? I don’t want to miss your LIIIIVEE SCRRIPT REEEAAAD!! STREAAAMING LIIIVE ACROSS THE WORLD- Hold on… What are you doing? No, you can’t… Put that DOWN!! No! NO!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-……….”

Phew!! Well, now that that’s taken care of, let’s get this train-a-rolling!! I’M PUMPED!!

Will post some pics from the rehearsal tomorrow… So keep your eyes peeled. And then prepare me some carrots. I’ll possibly need my night vision on for Sunday night.

Some insight into rehearsal on Saturday…

[nggallery id=12]

See you on the other side….


P.S. Be sure to tune in @ 6pm ( for a short Video introduction!

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  1. Gem
    Oct 16, 2010 - 01:41 AM

    Alistair, you have already discovered the secret of successful creative pursuit mate! Ridding yourself of that ugliness we all have within us (aka ego). By reading these blogs you inspire me as a fellow writer/musician/arty farty person too hahah! And if I had any night vision goggles they’d be yours dude!

    See you onscreen (well I’ll be behind it watching the stream :)) Sunday night pal. I’m with you alongside this trip. Ego scmeego get fed elsewhere cos there is a truly passionate guy with much more to offer no doubt woohooo!!!


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