Adventures in Asia!

In 2010, LateNite documentary film-maker Jacqui Hocking started working with social entrepreneur Ashwin Subramaniam, the young founder of the GoneAdventurin’ Social Enterprise. The partnership began when she filmed a documentary about his first project cycling in the Tour De Timor in Timor-Leste.

The aim of GoneAdventurin is to “Inspire lives & empower communities through the Spirit of Adventure!”.

The enterprise works with clients and companies which are seeking to engage with their internal and global community through exciting media content, to create a positive impact in the world. The unique platform invites corporate organisations and working professionals to take part  in meaningful and life-changing adventures, while supporting local development organisations.

Pretty awesome.

The platform GoneAdventurin has created means that LateNite Films is able to bring innovative storytelling, creativity and fresh ideas into each social adventure project, which is tailored to suit the Clients messages and branding. GoneAdventurin’ also cultivates new online strategies to create, market, advertise & share inspiring media content.

The concept is the first organisation to integrate feature documentary content into a social enterprise business model. 

Within 3 months from filming to completion, the first documentary: SPINNING DREAMS premiered in Singapore and helped the #socent raise over SGD$30,000 for Timor Aid. It then premiered in Melbourne in partnership with OpenChannel at Shed4 and soon after, distributed via the FairFax Media Network online.

The second documentary SPINNING DREAMS in CAMBODIA was filmed by both Jacqui and her film-making partner from San Francisco – Michael Lutman, and premiered in 7 cities around the world over 1 weekend. This time we raised over SGD$60,000 for Carpets for Communities.

In October this year, the 3rd Documentary Cycle on Ceylon will be premiered at the special 140th anniversary of boutique Sri Lankan company BPdeSilva, which was the first official client of the GoneAdventurin business model. The film will be used for fundraising and awareness for the NGO Practical Action.

The project is a good example of how things we are changing the conventional funding process for young filmmakers, while simultaneously changing the way companies design their CSR and publicity. The most rewarding element, is the opportunity for grass-roots social development organisations to promote their cause!

So. With all this happening, in October 2012, Jacqui Hocking will be moving to Singapore and taking the leap into South East Asia to join Ashwin in his venture to inspire humanity through documentary content. This brings exciting opportunities for the LateNite Films Family – with new adventures and huge projects in the pipeline. (Underwater Diving Adventures, Ice-Trekking, and GoneAdventurin’s first Indigenous Australian Project set to be happening in April 2013! Stay tuned!)

… wow.

Just when we thought things just couldn’t get any busier….

In the coming months, we’re on the hunt for passionate people and organisations to get involved – so if you are looking to go on a life-changing adventure while creating direct social impact OR if you represent “the man” looking for a CSR project with exciting branding opportunities OR if you’re an awesome filmmaker that wants to take over the world… get in touch with us!


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