A Few Days in September

This is a fantastic action/adventure film about a sexy and cunning secret service agent, who is put in charge of looking after a former co-worker’s teenage children before he heads permanently underground. As she tries to protect these children, and reunite them with their father one last time, an unusual game of cat and mouse takes place, as hit man watch their every move hoping that they will reveal the location of the father. This is a really exciting film, with some very fascinating concepts, as well as some great and exceptionally funny dialogue. The relationship between the two children, whom have never met before, and are not related by blood, is very intriguing as they become closer and closer. The lead character is fantastic. She’s very unpredictable – one minute she’s the perfect spy, and you’re confident she could kill anyone, and the next you realise that she’s still human – and can make mistakes. Although there is a lot of suspense and action right throughout the film, the film also strongly focuses on the three main characters and their relationships together. I really enjoyed this film – it was very exciting and surprisingly funny.

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