On location for 'HIT'

On location for ‘HIT’

LateNite Films is an highly accomplished full service production studio with a reputation and passion for creating cinematic, innovative and unique content. From television shows to feature films, music videos to short films, documentaries to installations, our portfolio of work is bold and varied. Our team is the perfect mix of highly technical and incredibly creative with decades of experiences across all areas of the entertainment industry.

The ultimate mission of LateNite is to continue to fuel the new era of independent filmmaking in Australia. We want to bring together the most talented and inspiring people in the industry and provide them with the tools they need to produce quality and financially sustainable entertainment for a global audience. We simply want to make incredible content that inspires the next generation of filmmakers to keep making awesome stuff.

We're Fast
Everyone now expects things to be done instantly. Time is money, and with deadlines forever drawing nearer, we’ve spent years developing unique and innovative workflows to create absolutely stunning and entertaining work very quickly.
We're Experienced
We have worked on projects all over the world – from the top of Mount Everest, to remote African villages, to the middle of the Atlantic ocean. We have decades of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of filmmaking.
We're Fun
We have the best job in the world. We get to tell amazing stories to the world. We honestly love the art of filmmaking and storytelling, and we’re really good at what we do – which is why we spent every waking hour doing it.

Here’s some of our Awards & Accolades:

When not making films, we’ve also created awesome content for: